5+ ways to upcycle an old pallet

Pallets demonstrate once again that they're the way to go when it comes to budget-friendly redecorating. They're inexpensive and easy to find, although it's important to remain on the safe side and have some rules in mind when it comes to choosing the best pallets for indoor use.
Once we have chosen the pallets, it's time for the fun part. Let's review all the beautiful ways in which you can upcycle an old pallet.
Turn a pallet into coffee table
This is the perfect coffee table for anyone who likes to move their furniture around a lot. It has wheels on the bottom so it won't scratch floors, and it's lightweight enough that even kids will be able to roll it out of the way. The chalk paint adds some rustic charm to the table, but you could leave the wood unpainted for a more natural look. Get the full tutorial here.
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Create a functional pallet kitchen
You can make integrate a full stove in the pallet island, creating a fully functional, mobile kitchen. It not only provides extra shelving levels but also includes drawers and a very generous cooking or food displaying surface.
How to make a bed with pallets
Making a bed from scratch might seem like an ambitious project, but it's easier than you might expect when you make it out of pallets like this one. This is a cost-saving DIY project that helps those on a budget because it mostly requires an investment in time. Get the full tutorial here.
Make a baby cradle
One father went above and beyond the call of duty and embarked on one of the most epic pallet projects. The project started from scratch with an old wooden pallet, which he then deconstructs and then cuts to fit the moon shape.
How to make a desk with a pallet
This trendy pallet desk is exactly what you need if you work from home. It has enough space inside to store a few books or office supplies, and it features a minimalist look that won't make your space feel too crowded. If you don't need a new desk, you could make a smaller version and use it as a handy end table. Get the full tutorial here.
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Easy pallet couch
The following project by The Boondocks Blog proves you only need a little bit of creativity to transform the most dull-looking materials into the most gorgeous piece. In the picture below, old pallets are used as the base for a sofa. The piece is topped off with fabric and pillows to complete the look.
How to make a table with a pallet
The chevron pattern on this pallet table really draws the eye. There are so many fun ways you could customize this table. All you need to do is pick your favorite colors and different widths of wood. This table is much easier to make than it looks, so don't be afraid to give it a try. Get the full tutorial here.
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How to make a garden planter with a pallet
This cute little planter would fit right in your home, both inside and outside. You only need a small piece of a pallet for this project, but you might want to use the leftover pieces to make planters for your friends as well. Succulents, herbs or ivies will feel equally at home, and it's light enough you can move it around to catch the sun. Get the full tutorial here.
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